Samsung releases a new Packaging that can be converted into furniture

This is wonderful news received from the Samsung Company.

We are all well aware of the fact about reducing our waste production, reusing the things available to us, and doing all the eco-friendly work as much as possible. Samsung recently launched its new packaging from television sets which can be converted into furniture like cat houses or racks from keeping books. We all have heard that necessity is the mother of invention and this was the correct time to invent such a useful way to upcycle the packaging.

The idea came from 10 years old kid which is based on dot matrix design on each side of its cardboard boxes, allowing the customer much ease to upcycle the cardboards. The customer can scan a QR code on the TV box, the customer can get access to an instruction manual which helps convert the discarded box into a useful household item, reducing Samsung TV’s carbon footprint. The problem of dealing with the cardboard pieces when we unbox a product will be gone. We can join the cardboard according to the instruction and along with an electronic item we are also getting a new free eco-friendly household item. The discarded cardboards were increasing and adding negative to the environment.

The product samples were launched in April and were highly appreciated because of the conscious effort being made up by the Company to support the environment. Samsung also held a competition to gather innovative ideas for packaging.

Image Source: Packaging Europe

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