Indrani Sinha: The Woman Who Brought Change

Indrani Sinha was an English teacher born in 1950 who taught in school in Kolkata. Apart from teaching she had always been active as an activist and had worked in social sectors as well. She has seen a lot herself whether it be her marriage that didn’t last or raising a child single handed, she has always understood the sensitive part of a women’s life. She was very heart broken when she used to notice the women suffering. She started Sanlaap in 1987 with friends and family to help preserve the rights of women in Bengal.

Her organisation also trained women and girls on how they should live their life in a more secured manner. She worked for girls who shared their story of how they were tricked into the profession of prostitution or how they were sold and their negative health conditions. She has rescued so many girls who were being trafficked and has made their life better by providing them shelter and education. The organisation has a four sheltered home and had been accommodating 200 girls who were rescued from trafficking. Sinha said that when she started she had no role models or had no guidelines to follow to help these girls. She worked in understanding the needs of the women and carried on the work. She made her organisation reach a good mark now and is well known for girls’ education and helping all in need.

Even after the demise of this Iron lady, Sanlaap is doing great work in the reformation Sanlaap has received two national awards: an award for the best welfare organization in India in 1997, and a National Commission for Women award for best women’s organization in 2000. Sinha was also invited to the UN to work for their mission. The people associated with the organisation working for the women have an attitude that is absolutely never giving up, and we all should support organisation like these.

Image Source: The Better India

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