A Group of lion spotted napping on the road amid covid-19 lockdown

This uplifting news comes from South Africa.

We all have thought of a world on how it is if all the humans would be caged and the animals would be on streets roaming freely. The imagination itself was amusing and impossible, but it has happened in reality.  Around 20% of the world’s population is under complete lockdown amid coronavirus. This gave the animals some freedom to enjoy their life on streets.

The national park in South Africa was closed on 25th March and there had been no glimpse of humans or any vehicles in the park. The animals seem to like the space and empty roads. The park’s authority said that the parks are usually packed with tourists and vehicles and the animals are new to this empty park scene. Other animals have also been spotted in the areas where they are not allowed to visit on regular days. The authority was walking while he spotted a group of lions sleeping on the road in the most peaceful manner. He took out his smartphone to take a picture of them which didn’t bother the animals as they are used to humans around.

Earlier the Chilean authorities have spotted a coughar walking on the roads around the city. In Peru, locals spotted hundreds of seagulls and pelicans on the beach that is usually filled with tourists and residents. The less human interaction has definitely introduced a new way of living to the animals which they are enjoying.

Image Source: Yahoo

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