Ex-Russian banker makes a hefty donation of £1 million to Royal Berkshire Hospital

This wonderful news come to us from London, United Kingdom.

In this trying time, everybody is coming up with some sort of donation. Be it in the form of supplying food to the poor or by making cash donations to trusts and charitable funds.

It is utmost necessary to help the underprivileged but what most of us are forgetting is that it is also an urgent need to donate a huge sum for the betterment and survival of the warriors like doctors, nurses, sanitation workers etc who are working hard day and night without thinking about their wellbeing.

An ex Russian banker’s name has emerged as one of the highest donors during this time of need. He donated a whopping sum of £1 million to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in order to provide full support to the staff working for the coronavirus patients. The banker namely Andrey Borodin had fled from Russia and settled in London in the year 2011.

According to reports by BBC in 2013, Andrey Borodin was being chased by Russia being accused of a fraud in 2010 but Borodin opines that, “the investigation had not been independent, objective, open-minded or fair and I know I would not receive a fair trial”.

Well, the hospital foundation trust is elated to have received such a big sum of donation and the chief executive said, “This is an incredible donation at a very challenging time, and we are extremely grateful to Andrey and Tatiana for their generosity and thoughtfulness.”

The hospital is also planning to use the money for the well being of the staff. Mr. Borodin as well as his wife Tatiana expressed their gratitude towards the hospital staff and praised their handwork towards saving human lives. They also opined that their donation would help the staff in present times as well as brighten their future. The couple is also amazed at how the staff is taking extreme measures to serve the patients during this time of emergency.

The generous couple had been given political asylum by London in the year 2013. It isn’t easy for anyone to take such a big decision. A donation of £1 million is definitely a very big step and we appreciate this bold step taken by the couple. Hats off!

Image Source: BBC

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