Retired police official paid tribute to covid-19 warriors and spot jogged for 12 hours

This inspiring news come to us from Ahmedabad, India.

Randhir Chauhan, a retired Gujarat police official has participated actively in 75 marathons till date and he had never thought that his 76th marathon would become epic.

On his 76th birthday, he could have easily given his feet some rest but he instead decided to do it the epic way. He thought of paying a tribute to all the warriors out there, the police, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and all the people playing their role amidst the trying times. He made up his mind to spot jog for 12 hours in his balcony that is just 5 ft in length.

With no co runners, crowd or cheering, he went on from 6 am in the morning only to stop at 6 in the evening and yes he felt content. Chauhan has a track record of participating in 5 ultra marathons. These marathons are a minimum 42 kms run. He also has another achievement added to his name when he ran 210 kms in three days for the Sher-E-Punjab marathon.

Earlier on March 21st, there were reports from Toulouse, France where Elisha Nochomovitz ran a whopping 42.2 kms in his 23 feet long balcony.

Chauhan, being 76, is an inspiration for the nation. He kept himself hydrated during the long jog by having melons and water. It is also reported that he sent and received text messages during his jogging activity. He sent couplets while interacting through messages. Couplets like, “ekla cholo re” by Rabindranath Tagore and “Miles to go before I sleep” by Robert Frost boosted Chauhan’s confidence.

He described the experience to be a different one as there was no one around but he finds himself lucky to have greenery all around his balcony. He also said that spotting peacocks on rooftops was a great feeling. Having participated in marathons hosted all around the world, Chauhan still finds this one to be very special because this was not done for fun and enjoyment but for honouring the warriors.

His message after finishing the marathon read, “Finally, my 12-hour-journey is over. No co-runners, no crowd, no loudspeakers, no traffic, no pollution, no medals yet my most important and satisfying run.” He also thanked his wife for full support.

Image Source: Times Of India

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