Cafe owner removes bills from walls to give to unemployed staff during pandemic

This motivating news comes from Georgia.

Jennifer Knox is a café owner in Georgia which is located in Tybee Island. The cafe was a very happening place with coffee brewing, youngsters chirping and the elders making discussions. Numerous memories are made by the resident in this cafe. From 15 years the people used to leave a dollar bill with some note on it and they used to staple it on the wall as a gesture of love and thankfulness.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic the café is closed and the owner is sad as her happening cafe is shut. She is very disheartened as the situation has made her go through financial crisis as well. She was very stressed since she was not able to pay her workers and she understands that it is the only way of acquiring income for her staffs.

She wanted to pay them but was facing financial crunch later she got the idea of removing the bills from the cafes wall and paying her employees. She said she had the time and it was the perfect moment to use the money left as tribute.

Removing the currency notes from wall was a task since some notes had a lot of staples. Some were the currency from other parts of the world. It took about 2 weeks to take all the bills from the wall. The final count of money came to $3714. After hearing Knox’s story a lot of people came forward to help her. She managed to pay her staff and also could save some money for herself.

Some bills are marked with hand written notes for anniversaries, birthdays and love message. There couldn’t be a more perfect time than this to give back love to the family friends and co-workers.

Image Source: CBS News

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