Peta donates fur clothes to families in need

This wonderful news comes from Afghanistan.

Peta which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is a non-profit organisation that works against the cruelty performed against animals world-wide. The organisation has very effectively made people aware about the consequences of using animal driven products and how much pain it causes them.

The organisation stands against the use of leather material and fur products, and has successfully made people to stop the use of such products as it is cruel towards the animal and were looking for places where they can donate these unwanted fur items that they own. Hence, PETA receives lots of fur products as people choose to shred using such products. These garments can totally go to waste but the organisation decided to make good use out of them.

Peta partnered with Life and Relief Development in Afghanistan and with the growing cold they thought that it would be useful to the people in need there. They donated more than 200 coats in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan where they are in the urgent need of warm clothes during winter. The country is hit by great poverty and this initiative would help the people and children to get some heat.

The organisation also sends these unwanted coats to other parts of the world where people are not able to afford such warm clothes. It’s better to make use of this stuff then dumping them in dustbin. A rather smart initiative by Peta.

Image Source: Peta

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