This conductor showed love to a little boy and his dad captured the perfect moment

This wonderful news come to us from Japan.

When a little boy was simply standing and gazing the Nagano Station platform in Japan something so extraordinarily special happened with the boy that his dad’s heart melted.

Yasuto Inagaki was watching his son from a distance when he saw a conductor stepping down from one of the bullet trains and moving towards his boy. Yasuto also said that his child has a thing for locomotives and he fancies trains a lot. When the boy was busy enjoying moving trains at this station, a conductor bent down and placed his hat on the little boy’s head. He also saluted the boy and Yasuto could not stop himself from capturing the beautiful moment.

Yasuto who is known to be a Japanese photographer was prompt while capturing the lovely moment and he also shared it on social media via his twitter account. The photos were loved by millions of  twitter users around the world who then went on to share the post.

You might think that the gesture by the conductor was nothing special but for a little child who admires trains, it was a really big thing. Even bigger than meeting Mickey Mouse in personal. Yasuto was extremely elated to see the smile on his son’s face and he went on to click several pictures all of which are being loved by people.

A small but special gesture by this train conductor proves that there are still people with a big heart in this world and we can win over hearts of millions by taking one small step towards goodness. If this conductor can make someone smile, why can’t you? Have you thought of anything special that you can do to make someone’s heart flutter? Think about it!

Image Credits: Yasuto Inagaki

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