80 Students donated their hair for cancer patient

This wonderful news comes from India.

Hair is said to be the most beautiful asset of a women’s body. It can make anyone’s look and when you decide to shed them off it takes a lot of courage.

80 girls from Tamil Nadu college did the same, they shredded their hair but for a good cause. And more girls are expected to join the movement.

The hair was donated by the girls to cancer patients in order to make wigs out of it. A minimum of 8 inches of hair is cut from each girl. The girls were not able to help financially but had the zest to do something for the cancer patients so they choose to do this to bring happiness. This act shows that just being able to help financially is not necessarily, if you want to help and you don’t have the money you can still find different ways to help the needy.

Image Source: IndiaToday

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