61 year old came a long way from drug addiction and secured diploma in teaching

This wonderful news come to us from Cape Town, South Africa.

Hailing from Cape Town’s Ocean View Abduragiem de Klerk whom friends refer to as ‘Boeta Giem’ has had a tough life but he came out shining and secured a diploma in teaching at the age of 61.

Trapped in the world of drug addiction since his teenage years, Klerk is a high school drop out. Not very vocal about his dirty addiction, Klerk’s family feels that he should speak up his story in order to create awareness and help the youth.

Klerk has been cycling since he turned 45 and he is proud to announce that it was cycling that helped him quit drugs. Today he is a caretaker at a local school in Cape Town and also runs a cycling group namely Fresh start Cycling Club wherein he motivates youngsters to stay away from drugs.

One fine day when Klerk was off to buying drugs, his wife’s brother in law told him that it would be better if he spent that money to buy a bicycle and Klerk did so. When he decided to take his first race, he felt tired, struggling and crying but there were a bunch of people who motivated him to keep trying and move forward. This incident changed his mindset completely and he decided to quit drugs.

Klerk also feels that it was the immense rock support from his wife that helped him cope up with the addiction. Since 16 years, he has stayed clean and it was his wife’s determination and motivation that helped him out of the dark clutches of drug addiction. She stood by his side, come what may!

Klerk’s story is definitely inspiring but he had an equally challenging life. He had to stay unemployed for many years and he has seen hardships that forced him to take up random jobs like bricklaying, rubble removal, gardening etc. It was finally in 2010 that he got the job of a caretaker at a local school and gradually in 2013 he decided to complete his education.

It was then that he started studying and finished his diploma recently. Now Klerk is qualified to teach at mainstream schools, his subject of knowledge being maths and technology.

He considers his wife his jewel and it is finally a happily ever after for the wonderful couple.

Image Source: Cape Talk

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