Cancer survivor mom elated to see her miracle baby boy attend his first day at school

This wonderful news come to us from Cape Town, South Africa.

It is absolutely a delight for parents to watch their children take their first step towards school. But this South African mom was extremely happy to see her baby boy climb up the stairs towards his classroom.

Zachary Williams aged six and a half planted a kiss on his mom’s cheek and her mom couldn’t take off her eyes until Zachary went out of sight. Heading to grade 1 at a primary school in Cape Town Zachary’s mom Lee-Anne Scullard was accompanied by his granny Sheila and they both bid goodbye to the child.

In case you are wondering what made the mom and granny so happy, the story goes back to early 2000s when Lee was diagnosed with cancer. She was devastated on hearing that there is a possibility of her ovarian tissues and eggs getting damaged in the treatment process that involves chemotherapy and radiation.

In order to avoid having a difficult pregnancy, she found out ways to somehow keep her ovaries safe. She headed to Cape Fertility Centre and was informed about a procedure where her ovarian tissues would be kept frozen. Reportedly Lee was the first woman in Africa to opt for this procedure.

Undergoing a laparoscopy, she got her ovary removed and the tissues were frozen at extreme temperatures. Then went on the chemotherapy sessions and after a successful bone marrow transplant she waited for years to get cleared of everything. When she was given the signal in 2010, she went for the re-implant procedure and finally had Zachary after 3 years.

Zachary knows that he is a special child and reportedly Lee is the first woman in South Africa to have given birth after undergoing this complex procedure of ovary removal and implantation. She feels blessed and privileged that the procedure went successfully and she was able to conceive.

Zachary lives life like most other children and swimming, playing football and jumping on the trampoline are his favourite things to do. When asked about what he would like to do at school, he instantly said that he is looking forward to make new friends.

Lee considers Zachary her miracle baby and we wish they both live happily together and Zachary grows up to be an amazing human being.

Image Source: News 24

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