This Australian school transformed into a makeshift Koala rescue centre

This uplifting news comes to us from Australia.

Australia is currently witnessing the most dangerous level of wildfire in the history of the nation and the government is unable to find ways to rescue the wildlife.

It is getting very difficult to find rooms in hospitals and thus a school came up with the idea of a makeshift rescue centre for koalas. The government gave orders to shoot orphaned koalas and kangaroos because of the state of emergency in the nation.

The koalas are already nearing the extinction stage and at this point the world cannot afford to lose this animal specie. With the wildfire playing its toll on Australian wildlife, Koalas are in deep danger.

The government feels that the milk demanding orphaned koalas and joeys require long term care and treatment and it is not possible to cure them completely and release them in the wild, so it is better to euthanise any such babies caught in the fire.

Where the government is being harsh towards these poor animals, there are also volunteers who have come forward to help these creatures because they are afraid of extinction. This school has come up as an example for other people by evacuating one of its hall and using it as a rescue tent for burned koalas.

There are about 100 injured koalas who are being treated and looked after. There are around 150 volunteers standing in support of these marsupials, 80 of whom are vets. They are constantly making rounds from one tent to another in order to serve the injured koalas.

An intensive care unit as well a burn unit has been set up in the shelter. A set up of trees has also been done for the koalas who are ready to climb. The school has decided to release them in the wild once they are fit and healthy.

Image Credits: Return To Now

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