Felix the travel dog has been to around 20 countries and his instagram handle is a traveler’s paradise

This happy news comes to us from Germany.

You must have seen drool worthy travel pictures of travellers on instagram but this white pooch namely Felix is a travel star.

Having visited more than 20 countries around the world with travel couple Julia and Sven, Felix is a superstar already. His instagram profile has more than 50k followers and his pictures are so full of swag that they will give you major travel goals.

The story goes back to the time when Julia and Sven started going on trips together. After three years or so, Julia felt that it is time they take this thing seriously. The couple decided to sell off everything and they set out on an adventure. Beginning from Poland, they visited places and it was in Germany that they adopted this cute little pooch and there was no looking back since then.

Felix has been on a travel spree since then and the couple take him everywhere along. Creating no fuss for his human mum and dad, Felix has a thing for hotter destinations. His pictures are far from believable and the credits goes to Julia and Sven. The couple is absolutely an inspiration for all the pet parents out there. You definitely need to take your pets out for a vacation and who knows your pet will turn out to be a superstar like Felix.

The dog also has his own packing list and he is fond of his canned food. We wish the couple a very happy journey for their future adventures and hope to see more of their travel vibes on their instagram profile. Loads of love to the pooch.

Image Source: Tripoto

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