Farmer makes paper from cow dung

This wonderful news comes to us from Rajasthan India.

In a country like India, cows are not only sacred but their produce and wastes often can be used for other purposes. Farmer Bhimraj Sharma is one of the entrepreneurs who have thought up of alternative uses of cow dung.

His first invention is wedding cards that are made from cow dung. The cards look extremely beautiful and there is a paper tree inside the cards. When you open the card, the paper tree detaches from the card and it also contains seeds from 11 different types of plants. If a wedding invitee takes this paper tree and plants it in the soil, there is a good chance that there will be trees that grow out from the seeds. If you take these seeds to any part of the world, at least 2 plants will grow out of it. If you plant these seeds in India, at least 5 different types of plants will grow out from it. Apart from this the wedding card will act as a fertilizer if it is disposed of on earth. Bhimraj has researched the matter and says that the seeds have been chosen with the ability to grow in any type of climate.

Bhimraj has also made pencils from cow dung. These pencils have a graphite core like other pencils but the body of the pencil is made from cow dung paper. This offering from Bhimraj is absolutely environment friendly and there are no health hazards from chewing the pencils, like children often do.

Besides, Bhimraj has envelopes that are made from seed paper. The envelopes have seeds in them and when thrown away, the seeds will bear fruit in due time. He also has invented a magnet sticker for the kids, which is environment friendly, being made of cow dung.

Bhimraj also has a diary on offer which is excellently made entirely from cow dung paper. To top things off, he has made the diaries with offset printing which make it very attractive to students and working professionals. It is amazing to see how far Bhimraj has come with his inventions that are sure to bring a smile to the face of environment conscious people.

Image Source: India Times

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