Girl got her wallet and UK visa that she left behind in a Dubai cab

This inspiring news comes to us from Dubai, UAE.

Whenever you leave behind cash or any valuable in a cab or any public place, chances are slim that you will get your stuff back. But, sometimes people are lucky because an honest person makes every effort possible to return back the money.

This girl of Indian origin namely Raechel Rose left her wallet holding somewhere around INR 19000 value of cash and her UK visa in a cab in Dubai. She had hired the cab along with a friend of her. Soon after boarding, they found their friends in an adjacent cab and they left this one. Raechel had no idea that she had left her wallet behind.

When she realised that her wallet went missing, her parents contacted the police and looked for the cab on the CCTV footage but the number plate was not clear. Raechel had not started the trip and hence the cab driver had not turned on the meter so it was impossible to track him down via the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) call center.

Rose broke down into tears because without her visa she would be stuck with her university admission program. The cab driver namely Khalid from Pakistan noticed the wallet after completing two trips. When he asked the last family that took the trip and they said it is not theirs, he opened the wallet to look for any contact number. He saw that the wallet was loaded with cash and a visa.

He immediately informed about the wallet to the RTA as well as the police. To his surprise, he got a call back from the RTA and when he matched the complaint left by Rose with this case, he was sure that the wallet belonged to her.

He noted down Rose’s number and went ahead to her house in order to return the wallet. Rose’s dad being elated and impressed by Khalid’s honesty, offered him 600 Dirhams (Rs 11,500) as a token of thanks but Khalid refused to accept it stating that Raechel was like his younger sister and it was his duty to get back her stuff. The Rose family couldn’t thank him enough for his great gesture and they also wrote to the RTA praising Khalid for his good deed.

Yes, people like Khalid do exist!

Image Credits: India Times

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