Air Canada pilot diverts flight to save the life of a French bulldog

This uplifting news comes to us from Canada.

Whenever there is an emergency, the pilot is pressurised to take a decision to save the lives of the passengers. For this pilot, saving the life of a dog was very much the same.

Coming from Tel Aviv, Israel, the Air Canada flight was almost cruising over Europe when the pilot detected some issue with the cargo load. Soon after, he came to know that there was a French bulldog in there. Without thinking about the consequences, he decided to save the life of the dog namely Simba.

The problem actually arose with the heating system down there and at the cruising altitude the temperature drop on the outside can cause freezing cold in the cargo hold. This really disturbed the pilot and he diverted the flight towards Frankfurt, Germany. Simba was then taken out from the hold and put onto another flight so that the Air Canada flight could continue its flight towards Canada. The entire diversion caused a time delay of 75 minutes and an additional fuel as well as landing cost of $10000.

Simba’s owner was so elated that he exclaimed, “It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me”. It was the greatness of the pilot who treated the dog like any other passenger on the aircraft. The Air Canada team also feel that it was the right and apt thing to do although it costed them extra time and expense. The team has no regrets for what the pilot did.

Isn’t it absolutely lovely on the part of the pilot? We have so much to learn from the good people around us and it is time we respect every living being and consider them as our equals.

Image Source: Good News Network

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