Sydney dad’s thrilled feeling after winning jackpot in a lottery

This happy news comes to us from Sydney, Australia

We have all heard several lottery win stories but this one is surely unbelievable. This dad from Sydney is making big plans for himself and his family after becoming the record holder for the second biggest individual lottery winner. People, please hold your breath because he won a whooping $96 million mega jackpot price.

Yes, that’s absolutely true. Residing in Chatswood, the lottery man preferred not to disclose his identity and he said that he was informed about the mega win while at work. In the first instance, he didn’t believe it to be true but when he confirmed about the big win, he was stunned.

You’re s–ting me!” said the man after breaking his silence. “I’m shaking. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me I’m being punked.” he exclaimed.

The Tuesday’s Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw had their last jackpot winner around three years back when a young woman from Sydney had won $7.48 million. The record for the Australian highest individual lottery win is held by a Sydney woman who took back home a whopping $107 million in Powerball.

This Sydney man said that being a travel lover, he would definitely plan a lavish travel for himself and explore the places he always dreamt of visiting. A world tour is on his cards next. He would also work upon setting a bright future for his children. He thought of calling up his wife and informing her about the mega win but being a prankster, he was sure that his wife would not trust him. He also said that there are several people who would be so elated upon knowing about his great win.

The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot price after this win has been reset to $1 million.

Image Source: The New Daily

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