These school students are spreading smiles with kindness advent calendar

This news comes to us from Lincoln, England.

The advent calendar trend has been continuing since ages and people really enjoy it a lot. A school in Lincoln, England decided to bring a twist in the tale. Have you heard of kindness advent? Okay, we will tell you about it.

Standard 4 children from Manor Leas Junior Academy were told to mark advent with some kind gesture towards another student from their class. This not only helped in teaching them something good but it also spread happiness and smiles among the students. The little kids felt that it was good to be kind to each other and they were happy on making someone smile.

Their teacher said that she believes this is way better than giving expensive gifts. The students were told to do random act of kindness each day for any random student in the class. There were thank you notes, cards, pictures, positive post its, and little gifts all around the classroom and the teacher absolutely loved the positive vibes coming from the students. She said that the ambiance was so lovely that she could not believe her eyes. She felt elated to see excited faces all around the classroom.

One of the students also expressed his views and said that they are also being kind to someone they would have never been otherwise kind to and it is giving them a nice feeling. Most of the students felt that being given a chance to be kind to someone is a nice opportunity and they are absolutely loving it.

Isn’t this a great thing to be taught to children? The world is becoming a selfish place and we seldom get to see people spreading kindness. It feels great to see that we still have teachers who feel it is important to make the students aware of kindness and it’s importance.

Image Source: BBC

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