Hundreds of knitted capes for babies in Rotunda Hospital

This wonderful news comes to us from Ireland.

Hundreds of knitted capes from all over Ireland have been donated to babies being cared for in the Rotunda Hospital as their very first Halloween approaches.

Martina Duffey from Beaumont in Dublin appealed for knitted capes for babies in the Rotunda Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) this Halloween.

The Rotunda Knitters&Crocheters Facebook page which is run by Martina, posted the request last month.

Ever since posting the request, Martina has received hundreds of knitted capes from all over Ireland. She says, We had some capes for Halloween and I just wanted some more. I put out a call saying can anyone make a few more of these. We were hoping to get 60 capes and we ended up with five or six times that amount!”

“Even though there’s 12,000 people who like the page, the interaction is the same, 100 people all the time. I wasn’t really expecting it, it just seemed to be shared far and wide. The capes came in from all over the country. They came from Cork, Kerry, Wexford, Galway, Mayo, everywhere. There is not a single county in Ireland that they did not come from.”

Martina continues,” You can never anticipate when something is going to go viral, the internet is a funny thing like that. The capes got picked up and went everywhere.”

She continues,” It’s fantastic. The messages I get, a lot of them would be private and they don’t want them shared and that’s fine because their babies are very ill. On Halloween, parents will come in and they’ll be a photo of their baby on the incubator in a little superhero cape saying “My first Halloween I was Superman.”

Image source: RTE

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