Policewoman shaves hair for cancer survivor, wins hearts

This inspiring story comes to us from Kerala, India.

Aparna Lavakumar is a police officer in Kerala’s Thrissur. She often holds awareness sessions centered on public safety in schools. During one such class back in 2016, Aparna met a 10 year old cancer survivor who had lost his hair as a side effect of chemotherapy.

She was moved by the account of the boy who narrated how it was difficult to endure people’s mocking jibes at him for having no hair. Aparna then went to the nearest salon that she could find and chopped of several inches of her hair and donated it to a local charity that uses the hair to make wigs for cancer survivors.

Three years hence, the 44 year old Aparna still remembered the boy’s face. She wanted to do a lot more for survivors like him.

This time, Aparna decided to donate all of her hair and to that effect tonsured her head. “The boy’s teacher had told me how young cancer survivors find it difficult to get back to school because of the visible damage that the disease causes and they are afraid of being ridiculed. If my donating hair could help some of them, I wanted to do it.” said Aparna.

A video of Aparna getting her locks shaved at a hairdresser had started to circulate on social media last September and it made her the subject of much discussion. A month hence, the police officer is being contacted by people who seem to have found in her a sympathetic ear and a kind soul. Aparna’s act might have propelled her into the limelight, but there are many unsung heroes who have done likewise for cancer patients in the past. Let us applaud the sacrifices that these people make to put smiles on the faces of cancer survivors through thick and thin.

Image source: Times of India

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