Kerala couple embraces minimalism on their wedding day

This wonderful new comes to us from Kerala, India.

The mental picture that one conjures of a wedding is a decked up bride and groom, lots of gold and an elaborate arrangement of lights and delicacies. However, a couple from Kerala decided to approach their wedding in a novel and minimal way. The couple, John Pius and Rincy Abraham dreamed of a minimalist wedding in the presence of friends and family, under a tree shade, buoyant in joy and love.

This Saturday, a day after the couple had registered their marriage legally, Rincy and John invited a handful of guests to the Anjanam Naalukettu at Paravattani and announced their togetherness.

Ditching the extravagant wedding ceremony complete with special photographs, the couple went for a simple ceremony that served the guests pure vegetarian food which is the “Sadya” that every Malayali craves. However, Rincy and John went a step further. They served the food to the guests personally and became the hosts of the ceremony in every possible manner.

For a bride, the wedding day is always special and she craves to wear beautiful dresses along with sophisticated gold ornaments. Rincy, however, chose to be different as she wore a simple set-mundu for the marriage registration. Rincy says, “ It is not about what you wear for the wedding, rather it is the bond that we create between us. I don’t believe in showing off, rather I want to be simple.” Rincy ditched gold ornaments on the most important day of her life. Her husband John also planted a tree in memory of the day. He says that when they presented the idea before their parents they agreed without hesitation.

Rincy hails from Ooty and she met the Thrissur based John, who directs short films at her hometown one year ago. The couple says, “During our random talks that later developed into a friendship and a special bond we used to discuss the grand wedding ceremonies. We never wanted to go for such big weddings and likeminded about a personalized, simple one.”

Image source: New Indian Express

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