Miracle Worker Helps Paralyzed Pups Gets New Life

This inspiring news comes to us from Milton, Keynes, England

Claire-Louise Nixon is no ordinary woman. This 48-year-old lady has been hailed as a miracle worker as she shares her home with 27 dogs. These dogs aren’t ordinary as they were mostly street dogs who had been abused or badly injured. Some of them lost limbs at landmines or even during former war zones.

Regardless of the condition she brought the dog in, she makes it a point to attend to them so that they could get walking again. She offers them intensive physical therapy sessions and helps them walk on wheels.

She wishes to find forever homes for all these dogs but right at the moment, she is focused on getting all of them a regular life. Most of them were paralyzed when she adopted them and some even had to wear nappies.

She makes it a point to put the dogs in specially made harnesses when she takes them for a long walk. This gives them the feeling of real legs and thereby they enjoy the walk in the outer air.

“When I get these dogs that are in such a bad way, the vet would say ‘Claire, you won’t get them walking again,’” says Nixon. “But now they say nothing is impossible! They say we work miracles with them!

It all started 12 years ago when a dog was brought in to the vet’s office to be put down. She realized that she just couldn’t let the puppy die and this is when she vowed to set the condition right.

It is these little stories that give us hope that there is a miracle lady waiting to set all wrongs right. Surely, she is God for too many abandoned and hurt puppies.

Source: Good News Network

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