Honest Lottery ticket seller gives up the opportunity to pocket 1crore

This heartwarming story comes to us from Kerala, India.

K.Sudhakaran is a lottery ticket seller by profession. He earns around 10,000 rupees each month from his little shop that sells sweets, juices cold drinks and lottery tickets in the market of Kanhangad which is a town in northern Kerala. He is a soft-spoken and unassuming man who shot into the news for his extraordinary act of honesty some time back.

One fine morning one of Sudhakaran’s regular customers, P Ashokan called him up over the phone and asked him to reserve 10 lottery tickets for him. The instruction was given over the phone and the customer had not yet paid for his tickets. Later on in the day, Sudhakaran came to know that one of those tickets had claimed the first prize which was a whopping 10 million rupees.

Sudhakaran immediately rang up his father who instructed him to call up Ashokan immediately to confer the news. The obedient son did as he had been instructed. Ashokan could hardly believe his ears when he heard the news.

Now here’s what is amazing. Ashokan had not paid for the tickets and nor had Sudhakaran told him the numbers of the tickets. Sudhakaran was under no compulsion to tell him that one of the tickets set aside for him had won the bumper prize. Sudhakaran could have very easily pocketed the prize money with no one else the wiser. It would not even have been considered illegal. Had Sudhakaran wished, he could have very easily grabbed the 10 million rupee prize for himself.

When asked what prompted him to do what he did, Sudhakaran says that it was his father who told him that he could always beg if needed but he must never snatch other people’s rights. A few days ago, Sudhakaran was again in the news for he had found a gold chain while traveling in the train and had handed it over to the police. Such an honest man should be appreciated.

Image source: The Better India

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