A daughter who is a savior

This inspiring news comes to us from Kolkata, India.

RakhiDutta is just like any other 19 year old girl. But what makes her stand out is her titanic decision to donate a part of her liver to save her father’s life. Her selfless act has taken social media by storm and praise is pouring in from all quarters for this spunky girl.

Rakhi donated 65% of her liver to save her father whose liver was 90% damaged. Her father was down with jaundice and had to be rushed to AIG hospital in Hyderabad by Rakhi and her sister. Having lost 90% of his liver, the battle he fought was a losing one and it transpired that he would need a liver transplant to save his life.

The doctors at the hospital told Rakhi that her liver was a suitable match for her father and if she were to donate part of her liver his life could be saved. Rakhi was told that her liver would grow back in another 3-4 months and hearing this Rakhi did not hesitate before deciding that she would go ahead and save her father’s life with the transplant.

After this, Rakhi underwent a battery of tests, 109 in fact and also a 15 hour procedure to donate 65% of her liver. This news was first shared by her friend on April 15th on Facebook. Very soon, on 18th April, billionaire businessman Harsh Goenka posted a picture of Rakhi standing next to her father with a gruesome scar across her midriff. Ever since that post, Rakhi has come in for a lot of praise from all sections of society with people applauding her bravery and fortitude. The tweet has garnered over 1.1k comments, 8.3k retweets, and has been liked 34k times in total.

Rakhi, at the tender age of 19 has proved herself to be a brave heart. She came to the rescue of her father without a thought for the pain, scarring ad other health complications that she may have to endure in the future. Her selfless act of compassion has raised the bar for what a girl can do for her father. Her unconditional love and selfless sense of duty has made it possible for her father to have a new lease of life. We have nothing but praise for this intrepid girl who has shown how to make a difference.

Image Source: The Logical Indian

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