Shruchi Vadalia shows what it means to be human

This uplifting news comes to us from Gujarat, India.

ShruchiVadalia is all of 27 years old. Life has not been kind to her. Some time ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it is now in its final stages. Despite such a deadly verdict, she is living life gracefully and she refuses to be cowed down by fear. In spite of living with a terrible illness, Shruchi has started a campaign to save the environment. She figured out that air pollution is one of the major issues of the day and that many lives can be saved if more trees are planted. Her campaign to save the environment has seen her plant 1100 trees in the last two years. She says that she may die but she wants to live on in the breaths of the people.

In an open letter written to the city, Shruchi lays bare on her condition and feelings. She says, “I do not know how much time I have left in this life. The condition I suffer from started when I was talking to a friend and suddenly fainted. I was taken to the hospital and after examination, the doctor said that I had a brain tumor. I felt as if the doctors were joking with me. I could not believe the doctor was saying that. Thereafter I got examined by a string of 25 doctors. Everyone said that I had got a brain tumor. The next day I was wheeled out of the ICU and it was then that I became conscious of life. I have many dreams in my life but before I could tell anyone about my dream, my life was reduced. I was hurting in both my heart and my mind.”

Many questions racked Shruchi’s mind during the course of her medical procedures. She had to undergo chemotherapy 36 times and also an equal number of rounds of radiotherapy. Heavy doses of strong medicine became a part of her daily life. It was very painful for her to go to the hospital so frequently but she persisted.

Shruchi signs off by saying that cancer cannot be stopped. But plants can be planted to prevent cancer. In order not to spoil the life of future generations she has taken to planting saplings. Her brain tumor was a wakeup call for her to do something about the environment. Her selfless act over the last two years is something that we can all aspire to.

Image source: Bhaskar

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