Former child refugee gets to thank aid worker for gifts received long ago

This wonderful news comes to us from London, UK.

Almost 24 years have passed since a Dutch aid worker presented Mevan Babakar with a brand new bicycle to call all her very own and due to the power of the internet, the woman was finally able to thank the aid worker for the gift that helped to change her life.

A new bicycle might not seem so special to people but Mevan was in a spot of bother when she received the uplifting gift. Way back in 1991, Mevan and her family had left northern Iraq in search of sanctuary. The family travelled through Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan until they landed up in a refugee camp in the town of Zolle.

Mevan was all of 5 years at that time but she distinctly remembers a Dutch humanitarian worker by the name of Egbert. After Mevan and her family finally resettled in Bergen Aan Zee, Egbert later surprised the family by making the 100 mile trip from the refugee camp to their door. His intention was to gift Mevan with a brand new red bicycle for the occasion of Christmas.

Mevan says, “I remember my heart just exploded with joy… I couldn’t believe it was mine. When someone gives you something better than you deserve, you have to start to reassess what you’re worth.”

Later Mevan and her family moved to London and she went on to get a Master’s Degree in bio-engineering and pursued her career in the media.

Only recently she felt inspired to retrace her history as a Kurdish refugee and felt determined to track down her childhood benefactor who made such a difference then.

There was a problem; when she arrived at the town of Zwolle she realized that she did not really know who Egbert was. In a last-ditch effort to find Egbert, Mevan tweeted a grainy old photo of the man from the refugee camp and implored her followers to help her.

Within a few hours, social media users had successfully put her in touch with Egbert and she was successful in reuniting with him at his home in Germany. Mevan says,” It was wonderful. It was like seeing relatives that you hadn’t seen in a very long time.”

Despite finally being able to meet the man and thank him for the bike, Mevan says that never really thanking him for the bike. “The gift of the bike and those feelings became the value of my own self- worth,” says Mevan as she signs off.

Image source: Good News Network

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