Martyr’s widow receives gift of a house from ‘Brothers”on Rakhi

This inspiring news comes to us from Bhopal, India.

Border Security Force (BSF) Jawan Mohanlal Suner was martyred back in December 1992. For his family, Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day were extra special this year.

For the last 27 years, the family of the martyred soldier had been living in a dilapidated hut in Peer Pipliya village in Indore district. The family moved into their new house that replaced their old hut all due to the efforts of the village’s youngsters.

The house is a gift from scores of brothers to the widow of Mohanlal Sunder, Raju Bai. Her husband was martyred while he was engaged in fighting terrorists on the Tripura-Bangladesh border.

Mohan Narayan and a group of 20 youths took a vow on Raksha Bandhan last year to collect funds to replace the old hut and also to install a statue of Mohanlal Sunder in the village.

The martyr’s widow had on the last Rakhi tied Raksha sutras on their wrists so they pledged before her to end her woes by replacing the old hut with a new house. To this effect, an initiative called One Cheque One Sign for Saheed Mission was started, the target was collecting Rs 11 Lakh for the two objectives.

The group generated Rs 11 Lakh in just 3 months and the new house was built over the next eight months. While the house was being built, Raju Bain and her two sons shifted to another house. Of the 11 lakh collected, 10 lakh went towards the building of the house while the remaining sum will be used to install a statue of Mohanlal Suner in the village.

On this last Thursday, the young group welcomed their “sister” Raju Bai and younger son Vinod (her elder son is also with the BSF) into the newly built house.

The youngsters are working to get the government school in the village named after martyr Mohanlal Suner.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath praised the initiative of the youths and took to Twitter. “I salute the inspirational work done on mission mode by youths of Peer Pipliya for the family of the martyr. It’s befitting tribute to the martyr on Independence Day-Raksha Bandhan.” he wrote.

Image Source: New India Express

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