Valiant dog saves owner from leopard

This wonderful news comes to us from Darjeeling, India.

Tiger is a 4-year-old dog who truly lived up to his name, and also that of being ‘man’s best friend’ when he put up a defining valiant fight to save his owner, a 58-year-old Darjeeling resident from the clutches of a leopard on Wednesday.

Things happened at breakneck speed however Aruna Lama of Sonada opened the door of her storeroom where she kept chickens after hearing a noise in there. She saw a pair of glowing red eyes in the darkness and in her panic tried to shut the door. However, the eyes that belonged to a leopard had leaped up at her. Aruna could feel the sharp claws and fangs sinking into her flesh.

Smriti Lama, Aruna’s daughter recounts. “My mother and I were sipping tea at our home in Naya Gaon when we heard some noise coming from the storeroom below the kitchen. Since we keep live chickens there, she decided to check it out. When she opened the door, she stood transfixed for a few seconds before screaming out. At the same time, a dark figure pounced on her.”

Aruna struggled with the leopard and tried to set herself free, but it was a losing battle. However, Tiger who is a cross between a mongrel and a Tibetan mastiff could sense the danger and in a trice had rushed to Aruna’s assistance. Tiger began barking ferociously as it dived headlong into the much bigger leopard adversary. The leopard was completely taken aback at the spunk that Tiger displayed and it fled into the surrounding darkness with Tiger giving chase.

In the leopard attack, Aruna was injured in the ears and the head. She has received 20 stitches and is now recovering at a hospital in Siliguri. From her hospital bed, Aruna recalled how Tiger had repaid a debt through his outstanding act of bravery. Aruna found Tiger, skinny with hunger during the 2017 statehood agitation when there was a lack of food in the hills. They took a liking to one another and over the last few years, the bond strengthened. Tiger was fed daily and despite Aruna’s attempts to send him back, Tiger stayed and gradually became a part of the family.

“Had we not met, I would not have lived to tell this tale,” says Aruna as she signs off.

Image source: India TV

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