Techie returns to India to teach people soil free farming

This wonderful news comes to us from Bengaluru, India.

Guruprasad Kurtkoti had spent nearly two decades working as an IT expert before realizing that he did not love his job. He wanted to pursue something that his heart follows and so the 45-year-old quit his cushy job in the US and returned to India to indulge in his dream of farming.

Guruprasad says, “The pressure of not being content with what I was doing, constantly kept adding to my frustration. That is when I decided to quit my job and focus on farming.”

And that is exactly what Guruprasad has been doing for the past 2 years. He uses Hydroponics to grow all of the vegetables that his family eats- spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, and baby corn find pride of place in his backyard. And now he is eager to share his acquired knowledge with you and me.

Gurupraasad was born in the town of Lakshmeshwara in Karnataka in a place surrounded by verdant green farmlands. Guru always wanted to do farming and had a love of nature from the time he was little.

However, things were tough in the beginning. Because Guru was not experienced in farming he had to learn everything from the beginning. As he was progressing by trial, one of his friends forwarded a video on Hydroponics. That turned out to be the turning point in his life.

Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants without soil. Plants essentially need water and nutrients to grow. By providing them with the proper supplies Guruprasad ensures a decent yield from the plants. Guru also believes that Hydroponics is especially useful in urban areas where space is a moot point.

Guru says that the yield of his plants is almost 3-5 times more than what is grown in soil of the same area. The produce from the plants is also much more in a shorter span of time if the proper nutrients are supplied at the right times.

The ingredients to Guru’s success are nutrient-rich matter like coco peat and pebbles along with water in the right doses. In comparison to traditional farming, the water is re-circulated in hydroponics and Guru saves almost 90 percent of the water he uses.

After Guru learned and practiced Hydroponics for a year, he realized that there were very few people who knew about the method and could educate others. This is when he decided to offer training in the scientific methods of Hydroponics under Belsiri, the company he was the founder of in April 2018.

Image source: The Better India

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