Barbershop girls of India rewarded with scholarships

This inspiring news comes to us from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Two Indian girls have been defying gender stereotypes in their village for a few years, and now they are being rewarded for their hard work.

Jyoti and Neha are known as the “Barbershop Girls” of Banwari Tola village in Uttar Pradesh.

The two youngsters earned their nickname back in 2014 when their father fell ill. Despite the fact that this career is entirely dominated by men, the sisters took charge of their father’s barbershop so that they could pay his medical bills and also continue their education. The two siblings also disguised themselves as boys so that no one would take umbrage over the fact that they are girls in a barbershop.

After hearing the story of the Barbershop Girls, Gillette shaving company gave them scholarships to pay for their education.

The scholarships were presented by the legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar a few days ago. Not only this, but Sachin allowed the girls to give him a shave, which was the first shave he’d received from another person.

The celebrity cricketer posted a picture of the event on his Instagram page saying, “You may not know this but I have never gotten a shave from someone else before. That record has been shattered today. Such an honor to meet the Barbershop Girls.”

Gillette also has posted a story about the Barbershop Girls and since being posted it has racked up millions of views.

Tendulkar further emphasized the messaging of the #ShavingStereotypes video campaign by saying,” The blade that shaves does not know whether a girl or a guy is using it.”

Tendulkar continues, “I think this is the most important line of the video because if dreams do not discriminate, why do we? We should always remember that the kids of today are watching and they learn from what they see. I hope kids of today will see how Neha and Jyoti and their village have shown great courage and the right attitude to break stereotypes and move forward. “

Image source: CNBC 

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