City Girls Starts The Concept Of Square Foot Farming

This inspiring story comes to us from Bangalore, India

Sometimes, the best of ideas come in the quietest of places. Anamika’s story is one such case. She always yearned for something which could set her soul free and give her the coveted peace of mind. There are so many people who work day in and day out and are in relentless pursuit of something they don’t even know if they want.

Anamika Bist grew up in the city of Bokaro. She gave two decades of her life to her corporate career and yet she didn’t feel like she really belonged here. She remembered her childhood vacation wherein she went with her grandparents to some remote village and stayed in thatched houses. Somehow, that vision never left her mind.

So, when a friend wanted to buy a plot of land in Jakkur and so something with it, it gave her idea to do something daunting. She came up with the idea of community farming after she distributed the surplus vegetables she had grown in that land in Jakkur.

It was on August 15th, 2017 when she started a subscription farming initiative. She called it square foot farming. It was mainly targeted for urban dwellers that were too busy in their lives. Anamika said, “Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty, eat healthy food, and grow what they want to consume is welcome. You can take up a 7×7 ft plot of land, which you could use to grow your chosen greens. Our team will help you choose the seeds and teach you the basics of growing your own food in a natural/ organic way. Once done, the team at “Village Story” will take over and ensure that your patch is well taken care of.”

There is no doubt that it was a groundbreaking concept. She also had the option of letting people rent their plot as well. No doubt, it is these initiatives which could help us save the planet.

Source:  Facebook

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