Bahrain millionaire helps boy after picture of him studying by street lamp go viral

This inspiring story comes to us from Peru.

In the Arabian Nights, a boy’s wish is granted after he comes across a magical lamp. This year echoes of that story reverberated all the way back to the Middle East from Peru where a boy was spied doing his homework by a street light because he did not have a light at home.

Because of city officials making it public, the video clip of Victor Martin Angulo Cordoba doing homework under a Peruvian street lamp was shared thousands of times on social media. When it went viral the picture caught the attention of several people who were in a position to help.

The city’s mayor was the first person to respond to the picture. Arturo Fernandez Bazan learned that Victor was using a streetlamp because his home lacked electricity. Victor’s mother did not just lack the money to pay but she was not in possession of documentation proving that she was the owner of the house; in Peru, it is not possible to install electricity without proof of possession documents.

The mayor of Moche assisted Rosa throughout the process so she could obtain the deed. He also delivered school supplies to support Victor’s decision to stay in school and become a police officer.

However, the real genie with the ability to deliver a storybook ending was 31-year-old Yakoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak. He is a millionaire importer and chocolatier from Bahrain. He was moved by Victor’s determination and flew halfway around the world to meet Victor and his family.

Yakoob arrived in May and after seeing the condition of Victor’s home and the school he promised to rebuild the house, adding a second story for the bedrooms. He also pledged to update the infrastructure of the school by adding furniture and equipping a computer center in Victor’s honor. Additionally, he also lent support to Rosa for starting a small business.

In most fairy tales the benefactor of the wish vanishes, but not Yakoob. He has promised to return for the inauguration of the school and the new home. Victor couldn’t thank Yakoob enough for changing his life completely.

Video link: YouTube

Image Source: Milenio

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