Friends Come Together To Raise Whopping Amount Of 11 Lakhs

This inspiring news comes to us from Bhopal, India

An outstanding example of friendship came to the forefront as a guy who failed to repay the bank loan ended up seeking his friends’ help. 44 friends who were his classmates back in his college days (GSITS college) came together and contributed a whopping amount of 11 lakhs which helped the man save his home.

The man refused to share his name. He had faced massive failure and despite selling off his factory, he was in no position to pay off the loans and the debts. When he found no other solution, he knew there was just one ray of hope. He had recently met some of his friends during the college reunion. He was from the 1992 batch and when he tried to contact them, they all agreed to come together and help him.

One of his close friends made a WhatsApp group in order to pledge support and financial aid for the friend. The very first condition was that no one would ask for the reason for contribution and other related details would be kept discreet. This was done to ensure that the man could be saved from the embarrassment which he may otherwise feel.

This is a classic case of how some of our best friends can help us sail through the difficult times. What is friendship if we do not help each other during the times of need! It is incidents like these which give us the impetus to do something for the sake of our friends and to let them believe that they can fall on us when things get too difficult.

11 lakhs is surely a massive amount; however as most of his friends were well-placed in their careers; they came together and collectively helped him get a second shot at his life.

Image Source: Bhaskar

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