Four Kabaddi players from humble backgrounds reach SAI

This inspiring news comes to us from Bilaspur, India.

ChingRajpara happens to be the most backward area of Bilaspur. Here, the number of masons, painters, and laborers is quite high. Playing in the streets, 4 grown-up children from this area are all set to light up the names of the city. Hira Mehra, Sarita Sahu, Vijay Sahu, and Umesh Porte are four kabaddi players who have been selected for SAI, the Sports Authority of India. They will now learn the tricks of the trade-in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

All the players live in ChingRajpara. This is the same ChingRajpara where the famous player Bharat Yadav was born and there is now a square with his name. Vijay Sahu’s father PooniLal Sahu is a painter, Umesh Porte’s father Manharan Lal Porte is a mason, Charitram Sahu, father of Sarita Sahu is a Rajmistri and the father of Hira Mehra, Lalji Mahararais a painter.

From childhood, these children came in contact with the Kabaddi Association and senior players started noticing them. Dr. Basant Anchal the President of the District Kabaddi Association, Secretary Hemant Yadav and others tried to include the children in games. Due to the spectacular display of Hira and Sarita playing in Chattisgarh in the 2018-2019 School games of the national games, the team finished runners up.

In the boys’ category, Vijay and Umesh’s performance led their team to the third-place position. On the basis of this performance, these exciting quartet of players from Bilaspur has been selected for Chattisgarh Play India Plays Team. Hira and Sarita have gone to the SAI center of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh while Vijay and Umesh have left for Gujarat’s Gandhinagar center.

The players will represent the Sports Authority of India team in the under 17 age category in the National Kabaddi competition. If they play well here, then they will be selected for the Indian team. This is an inspiring tale of talent being spotted irrespective of the background and its proper nurturing.

Image Source: Bhaskar

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