Youngest Member Of Mensa, Three Year Old Hailed To Be A True Genius

This inspiring news comes to us from London, England

Henry Venus is one of the smartest three-year-old in the world right now. This little toddler from London has stumped too many people with his incredible mind and amazing skills. He took tests which proved that his IQ is among the top 2 percent of the population. Thus has made him eligible to qualify for Mensa Canada which is a group for smart geniuses.

Henry’s father remarked that he started sensing that his child was different when he was less than a year and a half. He started saying words, understanding different voices and even named the shapes. Not only this, by the time he was 18 months old, he even started saying short sentences. He could clearly spell his name. He could count in English, French and Korean and even studied maths at Kumon.

As soon as he turned three, his parents started looking for the best resources which could aid in the right kind of development for the child. At that juncture, the couple came across Mensa which is a top international organization which comprises of people with incredibly high IQs.

Henry scored an IQ of 141 while the range of an average person is between 85 and 115. The parents want to make sure that the potential of the child can be tapped in the best way. As time comes near to admit Henry in a school; the parents want to ensure that the school offers the right ways to tap the potential which heir child has.

While every child is gifted and special, sometimes we come across certain children who seem to a lot more talented. The case of Henry is one such and we hope that he grows up to be a super genius.

Image source: Canoe

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