Sash Tries Arranging A Roof For The Homeless

This uplifting news comes to us from Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hasabo was all of 13 when he had to leave his home in North Sudan. He headed to Libya followed by Italy and then finally to France. In France, he ended up spending year in Calais.

During his stay in the Calais refugee camp, the government officials from the UK came there and interviewed him. After almost three months, the decision to take him to England was taken.

Initially, he faced a difficult time as he was unable to write or understand English. But, he is now studying English, Maths and even mechanics at a college and has also managed to befriend people.

He attributed the good times in his life to Sash which is a charitable organization that works at preventing the perils of homelessness. They are functional in the Yorkshire and Humberside area. This is why they offer those young people who seem to be at risk of homelessness a spare room by matching them with a trained volunteer.

There are volunteers who host young people and some even offer emergency night services too. Chris Ridgway is one such person who has been putting in phenomenal contribution too. He realized he wanted to be able to give to society and looking for a place with one or two spare rooms. Hasabo too is staying with Sash hosts for more than a year now. He told that he feels safer and seems like he is making steadfast progress with his studying.

Such has been the bonding that he told that he sometimes feels like the host is his family now. He has no clue about the whereabouts of his family back in Sudan. There is no doubt about the fact that Sash is doing noble work by helping such people who might otherwise live a very miserable life.

Often it is these efforts which make a great difference.

Image source: Positive News

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