Frightened dog rescued by valiant fire-fighters

This inspiring story comes to us from Charlottetown, Canada.

The fire-fighters had an unlikely rescue at hand and yet it was humanity that managed to win ultimately. A frightened dog was seen stuck amidst rocky outcropping. The dog named Cesar was then safely hauled by the valiant fire-fighters who knew that it wasn’t just humans which they needed to rescue.

Apparently, the dog was busy chasing foxes when it came too close to the edge and ended up toppling down and thereby getting stuck in that condition. The fire-fighters didn’t have it easy but they didn’t let the challenge stop them from achieving their goal. They had to put a 12 mere ladder which was positioned against the cliff and another member from the team used a harness which he put over the dog.

Cesar was definitely anxious when he saw the harness being latched on to him, but he was happy when he realized that it was an effort to drag him back safe. Soon enough after he was excavated and rescued; a picture of Cesar sitting cosy and snug in the fire department vehicle started doing the rounds on social media. Thereby, soon after the owner of the now famous dog too was located.

This area wherein the dog was trapped has now become common as far as rescues are concerned. So, the fire fighters too got the right training while they did a great rescue saving the life of an innocent little animal.

It is often these little incidents which prove that humanity still exists in this world and it was the effort of the fire-fighters which gives us hope that sometimes angels come in different form to save us from situations we may have no control on. The owner is very grateful to the fire-fighters.

Image source: Canoe

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