Homeless, With A Heart Filled With Kindness

This happy news comes to us from Cardiff, England

Often, we come across people who barely have the means to thrive and yet they end up doing deeds which force us to look deep in our own heart. A woman in Cardiff is on the lookout for one such guy who is otherwise homeless but his heart seemed to be brimming with kindness.

Jess Beynon is the lady who was at the receiving end of the kindness as she shared the post in her Facebook profile.

She narrated that she was at work when she received four calls from an unknown number. After being irritated, when she picked the call, the guy on the other end asked if she was Jessica and was missing anything. She was a title clueless and asked for further details.

The guy introduced himself as Darren and told that he was behind her in the Spar on the corner of the Queen Street. She had dropped her purse while she was trying to keep it in her bag. He told that he picked it up and proceeded to give it to Jessica, but she had left by that time. This is why he opened her purse and called the number.

Later, Jessica found out that Darren was a homeless man who was sleeping on the streets of Cardiff. He even apologized to Jess claiming that he had taken out a few changes from her purse in order to call her as he didn’t have any money.

This incident jolted Jessica and she decided to give him some food and a little money as a thank you. He told that she wasn’t supposed to do so and wanted to even return the change which he had used from her purse.

Such was the impact that she set up a just giving page for him so that she could raise a little sum for the homeless man with a giant heart.

Image source: Wales Online

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