Good Samaritan drives 1300 km to rescue stranded family

This uplifting news comes to us from Australia.

An Australian family vacation has been saved thanks to a compassionate stranger who felt compelled to help them out after learning of their plight on social media.

The Melrose family was in the middle of their 4000km road trip across Australia when their car unexpectedly broke down when they were in the Northern Territories. Daryn Melrose, his wife, and two daughters were on their way from Gippsland to Darwin so that the two young ones could compete in the national minnow sailing championships. They had two boats in tow.

The youngsters had spent all the year training for the tournament and were heartbroken upon the realization that all their efforts would be for naught. There was still 620 miles separating them from Darwin and they had all but given up hope.

When ABC news heard of their dilemma, it made a social media post with the hope that one of their readers would be spurred on to help the Melrose family. Darwin resident Rodney Simms was scrolling through his news feed when he came across the story. It reminded him of a time when he was caught in a similar predicament.

Sims hopped into his truck and drove all the way down to where the family was put up at a Tenant Creek motel. Sims hitched up the boats to his vehicle and brought the Melroses all the way back to Darwin which amounted to a staggering 1250 mile round trip journey for him.

Melrose didn’t have enough words to thank this Samaritan as he was quoted, “He drove all the way down to us, hooked up the trailer, and drove us all the way back to Darwin,”

Daryn Melrose hailed Sims as a champion and went on to say that his daughters were eyeing podium finishes after their competition finishes.

Image source: ABC Net

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