This innovative school requires payment for education in terms of trash, not money

This wonderful news comes to us from Assam, India.

Instead of making students pay for their education in terms of cash, an innovative school in Assam has been asking its pupils to pay for their classes with plastic waste.

Students of the Akshar School are required to line up each week and pay for their classes using grocery bags that are filled with at least 25 pieces of plastic that they have managed to gather from around their homes.

The parents of this trailblazing school are married couple Parmita Saha and Mazin Mukhtar who were inspired to launch this creative school after they watched the sad sight of their students having to bear the acrid stench of burning plastic that came wafting into their classrooms.

This is because prior to the school opening in June of 2016, the local families and the village communities in Assam state would regularly burn plastic as a way of generating heat and keeping warm. Now, instead of endangering the health of students, the plastic is being collected and recycled at the school’s very own recycling unit.

The school utilizes the trash plastic to make Eco-bricks by compressing 40 pieces of garbage into a single plastic bottle. What is even more heartening the older students of the school can work part-time at the recycling center as a means of generating income.

The school now has 100 students between ages 4 and 15, The creative curriculum of the school has encouraged Mukhtar and Saha to plan to work through the Akshar Foundation to further open another 100 such schools in the next five years.

Image Source: Sentinel Assam

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