Businessman donates 10,000 bikes to kids who have to walk long distances to school

This uplifting news comes to us from Myanmar.

A businessman in Myanmar has bought 10,000 bikes from bike sharing companies and is donating them to underprivileged children who have to trudge miles to school every day.

Entrepreneur Mike Than Tun Win who is the founder of and the chief executive of BOD Tech Co has created a nonprofit called LessWalk which is active in buying up the bikes and making them compatible for students.

Mike says that it is a common sight to see students walking long distances to school in rural village areas. Some of the students walk for upwards of an hour and their families can hardly afford a bike or a scooter. A school bus is unheard of to people in rural villages.

Mike managed to purchase the bikes at $40 a bike, so his total input was $400,000. Half of the money has been funded through donations to LessWalk and Mike was able to provide the rest.

In a country like Myanmar that has over nine million students, Mike plans to work with government organizations in order to identify potential beneficiaries. For now, the focus is on students who are between 13-16 years and who have to walk over a mile to school every day. Mike says that he is only halfway to his goal, the next half is making sure that the move has an impact.

Image Source: CFI

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