Single Dad raises two kids single handedly

This heartwarming news comes to us from Ahmedabad, India.

Asha and Rajesh were in school when they fell in love. Their love remained strong through college years and they married after they graduated. They were the proud parents of two kids, Nisarg and Shaili and life could not have been more perfect.

Shaili fondly recalls that her parents could not do without each other. They would always involve each other in the tiniest of decisions and they shared a love and respect that is hard to find.

Rajesh and Asha’s world soon changed with an unexpected health problem for Asha. She was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and her health kept deteriorating with every passing day until she finally succumbed to the disease in 2007.

Shaili was in class 12 when her mother departed, and her loss was a big shock to her and Nisarg. But the person who felt the loss the most was Rajesh. He had lost his first and only love. But then he realized that while she had left forever, there were still two children who required all his love and attention.

Rajesh suppressed his own grief and shouldered the responsibility of helping his kids cope with the loss and move on with life. Rajesh had firmly made up his mind and had decided to live for the children. He would ensure that he would tend to their each and every need and not make them feel the loss of their mother. Rajesh would say “All I want is to see you both happy and prosper in our life and I’d do anything to ensure that.”

It took the children almost two years to come to terms with the fact that Asha had really gone. Their father’s constant care and active involvement in their day to day lives helped them to sail through life. Shaili is a well- known name today in Ahmedabad for she is a professional singer. She also runs a jewelry brand called Mortantra. Her brother Nisarg runs their family business of printing and is the doting father of a bonny baby girl. If it were not for Rajesh’s active involvement in their lives and being a pillar of support and encouragement for them, his two kids could never have come this far in life.

Image Source: The Better India

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