Zero elephants killed by poachers in over a year

This wonderful news comes to us from Mozambique in Africa.

One of the largest wildlife reserves in Africa has made it to one year with zero elephants being killed, a very commendable achievement. The Niassa Reserve commands an area larger than Switzerland and is located in Northern Mozambique.

Experts term this a remarkable achievement because previously elephants had been killed in large numbers in Niassa. The turnaround has been attributed to the rapid intervention of the police force and assertive patrolling and ready response by air. The members of the police force have the power to arrest suspected poachers and put together a case within 72 hours to submit it to the local prosecutor. Just being apprehended with a firearm is considered intent to hunt and can put the individual behind bars for up to 16 years.

The last time that an elephant in the Niassa reserve was killed by a poacher was way back in May, 2018. James Bampton with the Wildlife Conservation Society calls this a remarkable achievement. He has conducted a preliminary analysis of the number of elephants in the Niassa reserve and estimates there to be 4,000 animals in the area, up from 2,000 a year back!

Image Source: WWF Panda

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