Lend Helping Hand to Destitute Women and Orphans with Committed Service

This wonderful news comes to us from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Lending helping hand makes the lender flourish in many ways. The society comprises of many people of various social status. As a human, it is the duty of every person to offer help in simple steps. Small drops together form an ocean. Little things together make big achievements. SERUDS is an organization which takes challenging tasks to build better India. Eradicating poverty cannot be done by giving money to the poor or offering food to the needy. One can help them by showing a small scale job that they can do to earn a livelihood.

Organizers take monetary help from all over the world in the form of donations and help poor and handicapped people by showing a job. They aim destitute women, orphans and homeless youngsters. Providing food, offering shelter and small jobs make the service providers glad and feel contented. Socio-economic conditions of downtrodden can be taken care of SERUDS. Real strength and humanity lies in making others happy and feels wanted. Connecting the donors with that of needy is done here. It is a dedicated and volunteered organization that empowers the powerless and homeless.

A hidden message is being spread through the tasks taken up by SERUDS. Respect and protect homeless people with love. A noble cause is achieved by the organizers in every way possible. Women and children cannot live on their own unless there is strong support from men or family. They concentrate on helping people with commitment. Providing sewing machines to the women, letting children join in a school and giving food are the primary things done here. Social service is not restricted to a specific area. It is a universal need. It is not a good sign to experience poverty as India is heading towards the tag ‘developed country’. Let us contribute to SERUDS as individual attention may not be enough to eradicate social inequality.

Image Source: SERUDS

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