The vegan village

This good news comes to us from Israel.

There is a village in Israel consisting of 5000 inhabitants who have forsaken meat and are totally vegan in their diet. They steer clear of meat, dairy products and chemical additives. They don’t eat salt 3 days a week and also do not eat any sugar for 4 weeks in a year. They have a holistic view to nutrition and make it a point to exercise 3 days a week as well. They have a mandatory massage every month and do not smoke or even drink alcohol.

Everything they put in their body is made of plants. They understand that in order to maintain a lengthy, healthy, optimal lifestyle, they would only need to put what they call “noble” foods in their bodies. Instead of chicken they make seitan, instead of hamburgers they eat rice patties and instead of ice cream, they have soy milk.

This vegan diet is working. According to studies this village is one of the healthiest in Israel. It has very few cases of obesity or heart attacks. A walk around the village throws up a lot of elderly residents who look fit and young. Some of them are as old as 99 years! These people believe with 100% certainty that because of their diet, they are destined to live forever! They are the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. They are a spiritual group who believe in the words of the Bible.

Regardless of religion, this community has something special. Thousands of them believe that their body is a temple. It should be clean and healthy and they do their absolute best to preserve it. These people are stronger, healthier and live longer than other communities of the world. They are certainly an inspiration for anyone who is keen to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Video link/Image Source: Facebook

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