Two Police officers rescue drowning kangaroo in Victoria

This wonderful news comes to us from Victoria, Australia.

Two Australian police officers have found themselves being hailed as heroes after they ventured into choppy waters to rescue a drowning kangaroo.

Sergeants Kirby Tonkin and Christopher Russo were deployed in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria after a beachgoer spotted the struggling kangaroo in the surf. The beachgoer was able to pull out the kangaroo from the waves before the officers arrived. But just as the cops approached the beach, the confused kangaroo ran off into the ocean again.

Even though the kangaroo was under water for a short time in the second instance, it resurfaced with a great deal of foam coming out of its nose, a clear sign that it was drowning. Russo took a hold of the animal’s tail while Tonkin cradled its head as they both carried the kangaroo to the shore. Then the two officers performed CPR on the animal until it regained its heartbeat and started breathing normally.

The police force in the state of Victoria released footage of the rescue on Facebook where it quickly garnered a lot of appreciation from viewers. The officers told Australian news outlets that it was a good feeling to have rescued the kangaroo and that every life was worth saving, adding that they did what they could.

The Victoria police force added that they are currently caring for the kangaroo which is in good spirit given the amount of salt water that he inhaled. All thanks to the two intrepid police officers who went above and beyond their line of duty.

Image Source: Stories Thebl

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