11 year old offers $5 bribe to Prime Minister for dragon research

This heartwarming news comes to us from New Zealand.

Victoria is not just any ordinary 11 year old girl. She is determined to do all it takes to find a dragon, even if it means bribing the Prime Minister of New Zealand!

Victoria’s older brother told reporters that the school going girl had sent a strongly worded letter to Prime Minister JacindaArdern vociferously demanding that the country’s government should conduct research dragon existence.

Victoria also requested the government to teach her telekinetic abilities so that she could use her powers in training her very own dragon.

To sweeten the deal, Victoria included a $5 bill as a bribe for the Prime Minister. It was returned with a short note by JacindaArdern, the Prime Minister, saying that she would keep an eye out for dragons. We couldn’t think of a sweeter response.

Image Source: NZ Herald

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