Initiative by 19 year old helps turn pet’s memories into trees

This uplifting piece of news comes to us from Bengaluru, India.

Pet owners are very close to their loved ones, be it a dog or a cat. When the pets die, it causes insufferable grief and heartache to the owners who don’t have an opportunity to say goodbye in a proper manner. They are only left with the memory of their pet. They wish that they could have said goodbye in a better and more holistic manner.

Inspired by the same emotions, Pramodh Chandrasekhar, an entrepreneur in Bengaluru started his company called Last Ripple which is an initiative that can take the mortal remains of your pet and turn it into a living and breathing shrine. Pramod had been working on his entrepreneurial idea since March of 2018 but the inspiration came to him in a rather bitter manner. His grandmother passed away and as the last rites were being performed, he wondered if there could exist a way to make the rituals meaningful to the sentiments of the family and at the same time being eco-conscious.

Possessing a compelling motive, Pramod started off by researching eco –friendly ways of saying goodbye to a loved one. The Italian based Capsula Mundi project was a revelation for him. The project aims to have organic burial pods as an alternative to coffins; the body will be placed into an egg-shaped bio-degradable container and will be buried underground, a tree seed will be planted on top of the container so that the body can become a source of nutrition for the tree.

Pramod was taken by the idea and felt confident that it would work in a city like Bengaluru which was once known as the garden city. Thus, started “Last Ripple” in December 2018. The venture is in its early phases and offers biodegradable urns wherein you can bury the ashes of loved ones.

The project is currently limited to pets and Last Ripple has partnered with the only pet crematorium in Bengaluru to speak to pet owners about their initiative. Quite a number of pet owners have found the idea beautiful and have come forward to have their pet’s ashes turned into plants. Most pet owners prefer a bonsai which they can keep indoors. Since starting out, Last Ripple has carried out 16 plantations and they are getting known to more and more people as time passes.

Image Source: The Better India

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