Australian Woman Shares Water With Thirsty Koala

Australian Woman Shares Water With Thirsty Koala

This wonderful news comes to us from Victoria, Australia.

Chantelle Lowrie is a Good Samaritan truly. The resident of Australia had been staying at a campground in southern Victoria and last week spotted a koala on a tree near her place. Temperatures had been soaring and it was a sweltering 111 degrees Fahrenheit when Lowrie saw the koala.

The first thing that came to Lowrie’s mind was that the little marsupial needed a drink. She approached the koala and held out her water bottle. To her surprise and delight, the koala accepted the treat, and for the next 25 seconds, it enjoyed the drink that Lowrie poured down its throat. The little marsupial got some much needed hydration due to this selfless act by Chantelle Lowrie.

Once the koala finished drinking, it continued its journey on the tree and Lowrie posted a video of the encounter to her Facebook account where it garnered a lot of views with thousands praising her for her compassion.

Image Source: The Daily Mail

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