Viral video of funny dad reading out a story to his toddler is a treat to the eyes

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You must have seen tons of cute baby videos on the web but this one is a bit special and different from the rest because of the heart warming bonding time seen between a father daughter duo.

Initially uploaded on twitter, the video shows a cute little baby girl resting on her dad’s lap. The dad can be seen holding a Mickey story book in one of his hands and while reading out the story to his baby girl, he gets into the character and uses different voice modulations to make the story interesting for his princess. The dad can be heard speaking like ‘Goofy’, ‘Mickey Mouse’ and it is so amazing to see him ace it like a pro.

What’s more interesting is the toddler’s reaction to her dad’s voice changing skill. The baby soon bursts into laughter and giggles and can be seen enjoying the book reading session like crazy. The dad too cannot hold back his giggles. The video went viral and was posted on other social media platforms as well. It has received around 3 million views and people cannot stop gushing over the father daughter duo and the bond that they share.

Netizens also left tons of comments where most of them are calling the moment beautiful, cute and adorable. A user commented, “We all can enjoy this Super Dad.”, while another one said, “I love how the baby notices when dad does a voice!” The daddy is also being praised for his skill and the ease with which he is making the munchkin laugh and giggle.

The video is definitely a treat to the eyes and you will be amazed to see the kind of response that it has received online. People are also seen praising the dad for reading out to his baby even when she is so little and they feel there’s no specific age bar for reading out stories to babies.

It can be rightly said that love between a daddy and daughter is the purest form of love that one will get to see and this duo proves it totally. What do you feel about this melt worthy moment? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image Source: The Indian Express

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